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What is ELISA? (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay): a method of quantifying the amount of antigenic protein contained in a biological sample using an antigen-antibody reaction.
It is a method of analyzing the amount of antigen by measuring the activity of an enzyme bound to an antibody.


  • Direct ELISA

    This is a method of directly detecting an antigen using an antibody conjugated with an enzyme after the antigenic protein is first bound to the immunoplate.

  • Indirect ELISA

    After the antigen is bound to the immunoplate, the antigen-specific primary detection antibody is bound to the antigen, and the primary antibody bound to the antigen is detected with the enzyme-bound secondary detection antibody.

  • Sandwich ELISA

    This is a method of first binding an antigen-specific capture antibody to an immunoplate, then binding the antigen to the capture antibody, binding the primary detection antibody to the antigen, and then detecting the primary detection antibody with the secondary detection antibody, to which the enzyme is conjugated.

Rapid Diagnostice kit

LFA(Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Assay) based on Fluorescent

  • Principle: Laterral Flow Immunochromatographic Assay (LFIA) uses an antigen-antibody reaction and an analyte present in trace amounts in specimens such as whole blood, serum, plasma, urine. It can be analyzed qualitatively or quantitatively with the naked eye or using a specific analysis device.
  • Composition: The rapid test kit manufactured using LFIA contains a sample pad, into which a sample containing an analyte is injected. An antibody conjugated with a label (gold-nano particle, fluorescence bead, etc) that can detect the analyte is fixed. The conjugated pad, the membrane to which the antibody is conjugated, and the absorbent pad that absorbs the solution that remains after the reaction are all joined together to form an assembled strip.
  • Measuremnt method: When the analyte in the sample, which reacts with the antibody conjugated with the labeling material of the conjugate pad, reacts with the specific antibody fixed at the test line position of the membrane, a positive reslut is obtained. This can be determined with the naked eye or a specific analysis device.